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  • Quality Assurance Manager

    Posted: 08/01/2019

    Quality Assurance Manager required to promote quality achievement and performance improvement across the organisation.


    • Maintaining a constant awareness of the business context and company profitability
    • Assessing product specifications and customer requirements
    • Ensuring compliance with in-house as well as national and international standards with consideration for application of environmental and health and safety standards
    • Defining processes and procedures in conjunction with operating staff
    • Bringing together staff of different disciplines and driving the group to formulate and agree on comprehensive quality procedures
    • Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation, writing technical and management system reports
    • Supervising technical staff in carrying out tests and checks, often in a laboratory environment while ensuring tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated and that product modifications are investigated if necessary
    • Pinpointing relevant quality-related training needs
    • Monitoring and advising on how the system is performing, which may often include the publication of statistics regarding company performance against set measures
    • Responsible for ensuring that all managers, process owners and supervisors develop and maintain their part of the quality management system
    • A key contact with customers' auditors and being responsible for ensuring the execution of corrective actions and ongoing compliance with customers' specifications
    • Supply chain management
    • Working closely with purchasing staff to establish supplier quality performance criteria and monitor supplier performance
    • Liaising with other managers and staff, particularly in areas such as design, production and purchasing

    Key Skills:
    • Excellent technical skills
    • Good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics
    • Leadership skills
    • Planning and organisation skills
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • IT skills
    Experienced candidates only please. $80,000-$85,000/yr.