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    Summary of Position
    Responsible for food preparation and cleanliness of all food and beverage areas as per company standards.
    Key Relationships                  
    Internally:          Provide all essential information to department heads and employees.
    Externally:         Occasional contact with guests requiring exceptional guest relations.
    1. High school diploma or vocational equivalent.
    2. Ability to communicate and comprehend both orally and written in English                                                                                                                                                                     
        with employees and customers.
    1. Cooks papers.
    2. Completion or pursuing an apprenticeship program.
    1. A minimum of 4 to 5 years experience working in a kitchen.
    1. Previous hotel and resort experience.
    Skills & Abilities         
    1. Excellent team work and cooperation skills in order to maintain an exceptional
        rapport with the entire Food and Beverage team and all resort employees.
    2. Ability to work independently and under pressure in a fast paced environment.
    3. Ability to follow directions efficiently and effectively.
    4. Excellent customer service skills in order to maintain an exceptional rapport with customers and
    5. Excellent communication skills with an enthusiastic attitude.
    6. Excellent problem solving and multi-tasking skills.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with company and departmental policies and
    2. Maintain related knowledge of fire and health & safety policies & procedures.
    3. Maintain client and company confidence by keeping information confidential.
    4. Maintain a positive working relationship with team members and management as part of a team.
    5. Assist in setting up and organizing department work area with designated supplies and maintain
       cleanliness at all times.
    6. Responsible for providing excellent customer service and professional communication at all
        times with guests, visitors and employees.
    Production of Menu
    8. Produce the daily menu as necessary, based on guidelines set out by the department.
    9. Complete food production work to achieve the established standard of quality for each menu 
    10. Assist in the plating and buffet service of all menu items.
    11. Prepare menu items with the assistance of the Pastry Chef and cooks.
    12. Provide written instructions and information to other kitchen staff to ensure that there is  
         continuity to the flow of information for the next shift’s production work.
    Kitchen Care
    17. Ensure and assist in the routine cleaning and sanitizing of the production areas on the             main
          floor of the kitchen (main refrigerator, chest freezers, ovens, stove tops, exhaust hood) 
          according to the established cleaning schedule and standards.
    18. Ensure wet garbage and recyclable materials are removed as required.
    19. Report any defective equipment or kitchen site issues in need of repair to the Chef.
    20. Observe kitchen sanitization practices and standards as set out in the National Kitchen      
         Sanitization program.
    Quality Control
    21. Produce all menu items to a maximum quality within the established recipe parameters.
         The principles of quality are:
    safe – has been prepared in a sanitary environment
    correct serving temperature
    presentation – including dish, garnish, visual appeal taste.
    22. Monitor completed dishes before they leave for service to guests and correct any
         noticeable quality issues.
    Menu Planning and Research
    23. Provide observations and feedback on menu items – as to ease of production, guest   
         comments, food returning on plates, and any information that might aid the planning and     
        development of menus  to the Chef/Pastry Chef.
    24. Participate in menu planning and development meetings as directed.
    Cost Control
    25. Produce menu items in accordance with standard food cost recipes.
    26. In the absence of the Pastry Chef, withdraw from inventory any food products for the day’s     
    27. In the absence of the Pastry Chef. verify the number of covers expected for each event at the       
         start of each day and adjust production quantities accordingly.
    30. Receive Shipments as per the following standards:
    assist. receiving shipments in the warehouse as directed
    verify the order received is consistent with the invoice
    store the shipments in the correct location
    rotate stock in the warehouse for first-in, first-out (FIFO) 
    31. Observe food warehouse procedures as per the following standards:
    close containers after removing stock
    extract only the quantity required by the recipe
    check storage temperatures are correct 
    Please forward your cover letter and resume to bayviewhr@bayviewwildwood.com