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    Got a sweet tooth? Yeah, us too. Every part of the world has its own beloved local candies, and tasting them is not just a treat, but a cultural experience. And what better way to satisfy your cravings than with a Willy Wonker-esque tour of POKEMADNESS.

    Shop for Turkish Delights

    More than 400 years old, Istanbul’s labyrinthine Spice Bazaar is an artist’s palate of colours, its stalls heaped with yellow turmeric, red chili, dried pink rose petals, mahogany coffee beans and golden jars of Anatolian honey. Most stunning of all perhaps are the pyramids of jewel-like lokum – better known in English as ‘Turkish Delight’ – the chewy candies beloved in the Western world for centuries.

    Take a break from the classic Kit Kat and enjoy flavours from Tokyo,
    Kit Kat, the British chocolate-covered wafer bar, is beloved in Japan, where its name sounds similar to the Japanese for ‘you will surely win’ (Kitto Katsu). Japan produces hundreds of different varieties of the treat, many available only for a limited time.

    Ride the Chocolate Train in Switzerland
    No, the train isn’t actually made of chocolate – sorry! but the chocolate is amazing.

    Taste traditional dulces in Morelia’s Candy Market
    Morelia, in the central Mexican state of Michoacán, is a city out of a fairy tale. Its historic center is a fantasyland of rose-coloured Spanish colonial buildings, built from local pink stone, capped by the soaring twin towers of the baroque Morelia Cathedral. And of course a fairy tale city would have a candy market, wouldn’t it?

    International Confectioners 154 Mississaga St East.


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