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  • Perch Festival FAQs

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    FAQ's (


    1. Q: I registered in 2020. Will my registration be carried forward for the 2021 Festival?              A: Yes, unless you requested a refund of your 2020 registration it will be carried forward for this year. You do not need to do re- register or contact the Chamber office. You will soon receive an email with participation instructions.
    2. Q: Am I eligible for the Early Bird Draw?                      A: All those who registered in 2020, and anyone who is registered one week before the opening date will be automatically eligible for the Early Bird Draw.
    3. Q: How do the current COVID-19 restrictions impact the Perch Festival?                   A: This year's Perch Festival has been designed to allow for participation while staying physically distanced. In-person opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, and Children's Day will not be taking place. The festival headquarters is now online and you can participate from anywhere in Simcoe County and around the shore of Lake Simcoe. 
    4. Q: Do I need a cell phone to participate?                            A:  You will need a cellphone or other device to take photos and download the SNAPd HUB app. However, each participant does not necessarily require their own cell phone. Each participant will have their own registration ID which they will use to submit their entry through the app, so multiple participants may enter using one device. For example, a family of 2 adults and 2 children could submit each of their entries through one cell phone‚Äč- they would simply enter the unique participant's fishing registration ID for each entry. If you don't have a cell phone or your phone is not compatible with the app, please contact the Chamber at info@orillia.com and we can provide an online form where you can submit your entry using a computer.
    5. Q: What if I don't have a data plan?             A: You don't necessarily need a data plan to participate. Entries just have to be submitted by 7:00 each evening for a chance at the day's prizes. If you don't have a data plan, you can submit once you are back onshore with a WIFI connection. 
    6. Q: Can I register in person or pay by cash/ cheque?        Unfortunately, due to the situation with COVID-19 we are unable to offer in-person registration or accept any methods of payment other than online credit card payment.
    7. Q:  I registered multiple people in one transaction and we all have the same confirmation number. What do we use for our fishing confirmation numbers?                       To differentiate, please add a letter to  to the end of each of your fishing ID numbers. For example, if the confirmation number ended in 12345, your fishing ID numbers are 12345a and 12345b, etc. The fishing ID numbers will be used along with your name and the contact information you provide through the form each time you submit an entry to verify your registration if you win a prize. An entry would only be disqualified as a duplicate if all the fields were the same  (i.e. name, phone, email).  
    8. Q: When I try to submit my entry, the page keeps loading and loading.                   A: There are a few things you can try if this happens:

      1. Try hitting refresh. If you get a confirmation message, you can be confident it went through

      2. Ensure that the file size is as small as possible: Even though the limit says 3mb, loading is more efficient with a smaller photo size. You can do this by selecting a small photo size or reducing the resolution using your camera settings PRIOR to taking the photo, or save an existing photo in JPEG format. (If you are using an iphone, try emailing the image to yourself and then selecting and saving the image from the email.)

      3. You can submit your entry from a computer using the online entry form at https://perch-snapd-webform.web.app/

      4. It may help to wait a little while and try again. Near the 7p.m. deadline is busiest, so if at all possible try to do the submission early (also if you need assistance our office is staffed usually until 5, so you can call for assistance if you try your submission earlier- please note though we sometimes we get very high call volume and can’t respond immediately).

    9. Q: I don't know my fishing ID.                    A:  If you registered online, your fishing number is the last 5 digits of your confirmation number. This information is found in the second email (of 3 emails total) that you received when you registered. If you registered multiple people online in one transaction, you will all have the same confirmation number. In this case, you will need to add an a, b, c, etc to the end of the number to create a 6-digit unique fishing ID for each person. If you registered in 2020 at Trombly's , your registration slip will have on it a 4 digit registration number stamped in red. Add a "0" to the beginning of this number to create your fishing ID. If you lost your registration slip or didn't receive a confirmation email, use the last 5 digits of your phone number for your fishing ID for now and email info@orillia.com to request a re-send.

    10. Q: I didn't receive a confirmation email.         A:  Sometimes the confirmation emails take a very long time to come through, and they often go to the junk folder. While waiting for your email, you can still enter the contest using the last 5 digits of your phone number as your Fishing ID.

    11. Q: My confirmation number is the same as my wife's/ friend's/ sibling's/ etc...                A: If you registered multiple people in one transaction, you will have the same number. Use the last 5 digits of the confirmation number and add an "a", "b", "c", etc. so that each person has a unique 6 digit number. IF YOUR NUMBER IS 21858- DON'T USE THIS NUMBER! 21858 was used as an example in the confirmation email explaining where to find your confirmation number. Refer back to your confirmation email and scroll to the bottom to find your registration information including confirmation number. If you can't find it, use the last 5 digits of your phone number as your fishing ID for now and email info@orillia.com for a re-send.

    12. Q: I tried to enter and got the message "only 1 entry per day"       A: You may only enter once per day. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY SUBMITTED AN ENTRY FOR THE DAY and receive this message, there is likely an issue with your fishing ID. Please try again and ensure it is correct. If it still doesn't work, try again using your fishing ID with the additional character Q added to the end. 

    13. Q: I was having technical issues with the app and missed the entry deadline.        A: We apologize for the inconvenience, and although we cannot override the deadline we will provide you an extra ballot in the next day's draw. Please email info@orillia.com, and staff will respond the following business day.