• Equine Assisted Learning - Learning with Horses as Teachers

    Equine Assisted Learning - Learning with Horses as Teachers


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    Partnering Horses with Humans, operates out of Courtland Street where there is an absolutely beautiful farm with winding fences, large trees and majestic horses! Sue Dixon the owner of Partnering Horses with Humans sees clients by appointment. Sue is an Advanced Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator and a Certifified Horsemanship Coach. Sue's client's are people like you, people who want some assistance with some of life's questions; how to set goals, navigate the obstacles to achieving those goals, how to release sadness, grief, or shame with the assistance of a majestic horse. Horses don't judge us! We can find our authentic self with their help and hone some of the skills we aspire to. Many clients have had horses help them hone skills in managing anxiety, depression and increasing confidence. Past clients have been from sexual assault services, adult learners from school boards and Nurse-Practitioner Led Clincs, those navigating autism, loss, anxiety and depression. We also offer themed workshops that include connecting with horses, getting answers to some of life's challenges, releasing negativiity, becoming more positive in navigating life and after spending quality time with a horse let them carry you for a ride to complete the connection you receive in a profound and beautiful way. For those who have not tapped into a horses's wisdom this experience is truly profound. Mindfullness techniques are a cornerstone of this work as is journaling. Join us for a unique experience that you will not soon forget!


    Horses Don't Judge and Hold Space for Us!
    Sometimes Answers Can be Found by Looking into a Horses Eye
    Donnie and Mojo have helped many people find peace!
    Partnerships that Last a Lifetime!