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    About Us

    The Body/Mind connection is our focus.
    Assisting you with shifting your body into health using Manual Osteopathy, Celtic Reiki, BodyTalk (TM), Crystal Healing, Causal Body Realignment and ICR Therapy is what we do.
    When we are experiencing pain and inflammation we should be listening to what our Body has to tell us. However, most of us just carry on getting the job done with little thought as to why the pain and inflammation was there in the first place. We can explain away physical pain due to an injury, but sometimes it feels as though it comes out of no where. If the pain and inflammation persist, we can become depressed and angry without the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We focus on listening to the body's priority area of healing for the time and day of your session. We work at reestablishing natural communications within the body's systems to achieve healing and homeostasis. This positively has a ripple effect through Body, Mind and Spirit.